Guidance for Board Candidates and Nonprofits at Each Step in the Matching Process

In order to make your board matching process as effective as possible, we have

  1. Identified major points in the process, and
  2. Recommended articles we believe will assist you at each point.

Our goal is to promote the best possible matches between the interests and objectives of qualified board candidates and the identified needs of nonprofits. We believe that reading and considering these articles will enhance your success with our process.

With that in mind, here is our helpful list of reference materials relating to the use of this site. The first block of information is for individuals who want to be candidates for board positions. The second block of information is for nonprofit organizations that are looking for new board members.

The reference items on this page are organized roughly in the order in which they will probably be of interest to you. If an item seems interesting, click on the item name to view it on your screen, print it or download it to your device.

Note that some of these educational materials include internet links that are no longer functional. While we cannot correct that, we believe the content of this resource material is nonetheless valuable and useful.