Why Join a Nonprofit Board?

  • Share your passion and skills
  • Give back to your local community
  • Expand your leadership and management skills
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Build your resume

Interested in Serving?

Let us help you:

  • Learn about local nonprofits
  • Find a cause you are passionate about
  • Identify nonprofits who are actively seeking board members
  • Use our easy, customized search

How Does It Work?

Look through Build a Better Board’s nonprofit database using:

  • A general search
  • A user-refined search to locate a nonprofit whose mission is consistent with your interests
  • A geographic search

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s easy. Fill out the profile. It should take no more than 10–15 minutes. And it’s FREE!

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Learn More About Being a Board Member

Educational Resources provide you with best practice principles of being a board member. (Materials are from BoardSource http://boardsource.org, as well as a wide range of other expert sources.)


  • Board member roles and responsibilities
  • What a healthy board looks like
  • Questions to ask before joining a board
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